Fuel & Transport

Be Part Of The Supplier Fuel Study

This is an unprecedented piece of research, for the first time bringing together film agencies, sustainability consultants, academia, suppliers, producers, broadcasters, streamers and major studios, to deliver decarbonisation information for the industry. This study has two key goals: A green transition that reflects you In order to develop a just and equitable transition plan that …

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Pixi Pixel HVO Update

PixiPixel Kristine – HVO has been going for 1.5 years and is doing really well. https://pixipixel.com/news/hvo https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5ba21751fcf7fdb9d4c3738f/t/64916ccf0178bf586a224bd9/1687252176139/Pixipixel+-+Impacts+of+conversion+to+HVO+fuel.pdf

Electric Taxis: Phone App

For London travel when not possible on public transport, Bolt is a Taxi app very similar to Uber but offers an Electric taxi option. Uber now offers electric taxis also. Free Now offers electric Black Cabs in London. https://bolt.eu/en-gb/

Battery Trucks

Steve Knight PixiPixel Experimental with new battery trucks, though vehicles won’t be available until 2023. Important to recognise that these new HGV trucks is only a ‘back to base’ solution, as these are 600V charging solutions, which is not ideal. A very expensive charging system will be required back at base to use all of …

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HVO – Biodiesel

Hi everyone, lovely to meet you… As David said, I\’m Social Impact Director at Sunbelt UK and am thrilled to work with Andy and David to share with you some of our cleaner energy innovations from the construction/infrastructure and events world. Some info on our greener equipment portfolio here: https://www.sunbeltrentals.co.uk/solutions/greener-equipment-solutions/. Our piece de la resistance …

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BLIKE E-Bike Leasing Scheme

An organisation called BLIKE leases e-bikes to staff and this is really tax efficient. VMI asked them and they held a BLIKE open day in April for their staff to try out the full range of E-Bikes available to lease from BLIKE. The scheme has been set up as an alternative to the existing Cycle-to-Work scheme, to personally lease …

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Fuel Project

Film London has launched The Fuel Project, a report funded by Interreg Europe’s Green Screen and delivered by Film London, in partnership with sustainable business consultants Creative Zero.  The report provides practical information, steps and support to film and TV production suppliers as they make the move toward new, low-carbon technologies, helping drive down emissions …

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