Visiting IBC without using air travel

IBC, the annual excursion equipment-fest in Amsterdam is our Go-To exhibition to visit every September but since giving up using air travel, we had a bumpy ride in 2022 due to a rail strike in Holland, which mean that we needed to take an aircraft after all on the way there (we returned via Eurostar). This year(2023) frustratingly, Eurostar don\’t appear to be running the Amsterdam to London route at the weekends.

However, after some investigation, there is an easy route which may seem involved but actually is quite easy and involves departing London Liverpool Street at 6.30pm on Thursday and arriving at the RAI on Friday morning at circa 10am, having taken a rail/sleeper ferry/rail route, which apparently saves 70% of CO2e.

Full details are on

VMI has booked this already and it only costs around £200 per person for the ferry including individual cabins AND saves an expensive hotel overnight stay in Amsterdam on the Thursday evening.

(Note that the rail tickets from London to Harwich aren\’t properly bookable until 12 weeks before).


CO2 savings:  Flight = 68 Kg CO2 per passenger, Rail & Sail = 13.6 Kg = 80% saving (Source).

Hopefully see you all on the ferry! Barry