Suppliers & Links

The following companies are useful environmental suppliers, many of which are recommended by us.  Please note that this is by no means an exhaustive list, so any suppliers interested in joining this list are encouraged to join our group and attend a future meeting and introduce their company to us, so that we can assess your inclusion here.

  • Firezero Insulated Pads – Insulated panels suitable for installing above suspended ceilings.  Recommended by Barry Bassett
  • Sticker Gizmo – New supplier for recycled, fully recyclable stickers for cable sealing tabs etc.  Recommended by Barry Bassett
  • Reyooz – Recycling and recycled office furniture.  Recommended by Sally and Pat McEnallay, Green Kit 
  •, Laura Donnelly, Tel: 01706 691888.  Supplier of rechargeable AA/AAA batts and chargers.  Recommended by Barry Bassett


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