Making The Rental Industry Sustainable

Who We Are

This group was setup in the late 2010s by a camera assistant called Jason Henwood and was then further developed and formalised by Barry Bassett from VMI.

A consortium of several companies joined together with the sole aim of sharing best practice in order to reduce our carbon emissions and agreed to meet 4 times per year over zoom.

By joining this group, we agree to work together and share best practice to include both strategies which work and also those which do not. If we can do this and share openly, then we can all help to make a more sustainable industry.
Barry Bassett, VMI March 2023

When do we meet next?

The eleventh rental company sustainability meeting is scheduled to be held on Wednesday 4 September  2024 @ 3pm (UK time) and all are welcome to attend.  This should be before the Easter hols and may postpone if felt to be inconvenient


Meeting ID: 898 0260 9749


Passcode: 123456789


Would you like to join our sustainability movement? 

There is no commitment to attend a certain number of meetings and all meetings are currently on-line. Stay connected and keep up to date with developments and share your own news with us.