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Be Part Of The Supplier Fuel Study

This is an unprecedented piece of research, for the first time bringing together film agencies, sustainability consultants, academia, suppliers, producers, broadcasters, streamers and major studios, to deliver decarbonisation information for the industry. This study has two key goals: A green transition that reflects you In order to develop a just and equitable transition plan that …

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Supplier Forms to Audit Suppliers

It is very important that we appraise all of our suppliers to ensure that they are adopting sustainable practices. Here are some forms which have been shared which you can adapt and use.

Pixi Pixel HVO Update

PixiPixel Kristine – HVO has been going for 1.5 years and is doing really well.

Electric Taxis: Phone App

For London travel when not possible on public transport, Bolt is a Taxi app very similar to Uber but offers an Electric taxi option. Uber now offers electric taxis also. Free Now offers electric Black Cabs in London.

Climate Essentials – Carbon Management Software

Climate Essentials allows small and medium businesses to measure, track and reduce their emissions in an easy, engaging, and educational way. Climate Essentials measures carbon across energy, transport, products and services, homeworking, events, and waste. Climate Essentials platform contains four easy steps: Measure: Track your carbon footprint by inputting data from across your business operations. …

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Free training: 2 hours via zoom. Our training helps industry colleagues to live and work sustainably by providing an optimistic, science-based, solution-centric and enjoyable introduction to the environmental challenges we face. albert sustainable suppliers list: we are building a network of sustainable suppliers across the world. If you are not on the list yet and …

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Switch to Sustainable Clothing

Regatta have a range called “Honestly Made” which are made from 100% recycled materials. From Sally McEnallay  to Everyone 04:05 PM Teemill is a really good place for organic fairtrade t shirts. Totally agree.  The clothing company I mentioned is:-  They will also link you up with appropriate printers for the size of the …

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Make an environmental policy statement and publish on your website

Show that you take your environmental impact very seriously. The Board of Directors determines the overall environmental policy for VMI due regard to the protection of the environment, the effective and efficient use of energy and raw materials, and the minimisation of waste. VMI recently updated our Environmental and Sustainability Policy and uploaded it here. …

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