Climate Essentials – Carbon Management Software

Climate Essentials allows small and medium businesses to measure, track and reduce their emissions in an easy, engaging, and educational way. Climate Essentials measures carbon across energy, transport, products and services, homeworking, events, and waste. Climate Essentials platform contains four easy steps:


Track your carbon footprint by inputting data from across your business operations. We appreciate that you might not have all the data, so we’ve built estimation features into our platform to allow you to plug any gaps. 


Establish your baseline, and visualise your emissions across sites, years, scopes, and categories. You can compare your carbon emissions against similar businesses.


Climate Essentials provides a quantifiable carbon reduction plan, made up of specific actions your business can take to reduce carbon emissions.


Map your journey to net-zero using our scenario planning using different pathways and initiatives to join. Contact the team at: or sign up for a demo here