Environmental Commitment

“The film & TV industry impacts on biodiversity through its production practices, supply chain and through its portrayal of biodiversity on screen. There is great potential, however, for the impact of the industry to be positive and promote biodiversity”

We Are Albert

We ask that all members of the Rental Sustainability Project to seek to adhere to a common set of principles, which are in accordance with the BECTU Film for Future group and aim to share best practice with the group.

  • To endeavour to reduce your environmental impact year on year.
  • To stop using non-recyclable materials, where possible.
  • To recycle all paper/glass/plastic/bio waste, where possible.
  • To share all successful environmental strategies with all members, where possible.
  • Collaborate to share best practice with the group.
  • Any posts or suppliers included in the website/links are provided for non-marketing purposes but are in alignment with the aims of the group.


Would you like to join our group? There is no commitment to attend a certain number of meetings and all meetings are currently on-line. Stay connected and keep up to date with developments and share your own news with us.