The sixth meeting was on Wednesday 8 March 2023

The sixth meeting was on Wednesday 8 March @ 3pm and the minutes are below

Greenkit Rental – Mar 23

Sally and Pat Mcenally

  • New building – around the corner in Willesden – much larger warehouse.  Lots of challenges with large space.  New heating system is planned which is more sustainable.  Air Con+Heating Electrical with very high energy efficiency rating.  
  • Brent Council are much more engaged with sustainability project.  Now one of the first who are taking part in Brent’s journey to zero project in association with other businesses. 
  • Pushing Manfrotto/other company for white black 8×4, which is cardboard.
  • Supplying Skylights for free.

Creative Zero Mar 23

Laurence and Roxy

  • Fuel Project is going well.
    • Vehicles and Generators represent half of emissions.
  • Wants a survey of suppliers of industry to build up an industry-wide carbon report.
  • Wants to look at net-zero pathways.
  • Want Broadcasters and channels to pay for it.
    • Netflix have agreed to it.
    • Waiting to hear from others.
  • Large vehicles with high payload capability are a problem.
  • Has a special contact – Alex – email Roxy (Roxy Erickson <>).  He will look at the mileage, weight, payloads etc and will advise on best vehicles. 

Wise Productions Mar 23

Mar Navarro

  • Looking at Iveco vehicles – will contact Roxy for help/advice.

Plimsol Mar 23

Rob Wall

  • Has performed a study to clarify that Peli cases have a lower carbon footprint for many sizes of kit for worldwide flying.
    • 200kg of CO2 can be saved with peli cases if you had Peli air cases.
    • May not be cost effective with carbon offsetting, so perhaps the offsetting costs aren’t practical.
  • Plimsol are now part of ITV studios and he is very impressed with their initiatives.

New Rental Sustainability Site Launched

The new website has been launched which will replace this share document and administrate all membership.  There will be 3 levels of administrative status to:

  1. Leave comments (all); 2. Add/modify/delete posts; 3. Do everything including changing members’ user roles. 

Admin volunteers

  • Martin DeSantos
  • We could help each other out  with spares of old kit

Fuel Project

Film London has launched The Fuel Project, a report funded by Interreg Europe’s Green Screen and delivered by Film London, in partnership with sustainable business consultants Creative Zero. 
The report provides practical information, steps and support to film and TV production suppliers as they make the move toward new, low-carbon technologies, helping drive down emissions in the industry as a whole.  Roxy Erickson, who was instrumental in the writing of this report, has been an outspoken and active member of the sustainability movement in the TV industry.  She asked that this document be shared and wants to have an engaged conversation about this with members and requested to set aside some time to discuss this at the next meeting. The Fuel Project