HVO – Biodiesel

Hi everyone, lovely to meet you… As David said, I\’m Social Impact Director at Sunbelt UK and am thrilled to work with Andy and David to share with you some of our cleaner energy innovations from the construction/infrastructure and events world. Some info on our greener equipment portfolio here: https://www.sunbeltrentals.co.uk/solutions/greener-equipment-solutions/. Our piece de la resistance is energy saving for temporary hubs, utilising hybrid stage v generators, alongside Battery Storage Units and solar, with energy management systems  – this can save c80% carbon emissions on site today, and if used with HVO fuel can reduce to net 90%…
We also supply HVO with full ISCC – we are really happy to collaborate on any strategic trials on electric kit/HVO etc if anyone would like!  https://www.sunbeltrentals.co.uk/solutions/hvo-fuel-solutions/ – just give me a shout to chat – jackiecuthbert@sunbeltrentals.co.uk

Steve Knight PixiPixel

HVO now in place for some time and working well.

ARRI, Dana

All vehicles are looking to change to HVO before the end of the year.