The 9th meeting was held on 16 January 2024

Recording of ninth meeting of Sustainability Group on 17 Jan 2024



Will be starting 4th carbon audit in February.

Working with to sponsor a sustainability film and a Womens’ HOD film too.

Discussing with SustainableFilm and also Creative Zero to help to put forward to Albert an improved process for Albert to vet its approved supplier list.  Apparently, Albert have frozen its supplier list for the time being.

Film London – Laurence

Finished survey part of Fuel Project with Creative Zero. Now working on generator data collection on a number of productions.

Panavision – Temi

First attendance of the group.  Interested in the entire process and investigating new processes to improve their sustainability journey.

Green Kit – Pat and Sally

Like shared docs.

Many new challenges.

Not sure how useful the new sustainability website will be but happy to upload useful suppliers.

Focussing on what is practical

Very interested in generator project.

ProAV – Rob

Starting their new Carbon Audit now.

No Drama – James

Starting their first Carbon Audit.  Very interested and engaged in the group.

Jason Henwood

Attended with interest in progress with the group

MBS – Toby Dare

This is their first meeting to attend.  Very interested in the group and finds the website resources very useful.

S&O, Sarah

Engaged with the process; completing their third carbon audit; 

There was overwhelming support for maintaining the project and the meeting structure being on zoom and four times per year for a maximum of one hour.

Barry demonstrated the operation and editing of the sustainability website.

Meeting closed after 40 mins.