Minutes of 10th Sustainability Meeting 22-5-24

Action Plan from meeting:

Action Plan for Q3 2024.


  1. Plan and publish supplier sustainability survey and share all of the results/data.

    Barry to set up a Survey Monkey survey which all can share the link to, so that we have a central survey of all suppliers and we don’t need to send questionnairs separately. Then, best of all, Barry will share the results with an open link, so we will end up with a central database for all suppliers’ sustainability data.

  2. Write a letter to the worst of the camera/lighting equipment suppliers which has the backing of the companies in our group. Group to share some ideas and Barry to write a letter to

    Atomos, Teradek, Small HD and Black Magic. Criticism is that they all bring out new lines too quickly and don’t repair old products.  Lack of support and really wasteful.
  3. Roxy to invite some broadcasters to attend a future meeting in order to build awareness of our association.

Green Line Offer from The Flint

Hi Barry, 

Thanks again for your support with this initiative – it’s very much appreciated.

Please find attached a very initial ‘back of the envelope’ outline of sponsorships we are offering. 

All opportunities are flexible and, with this in mind, I would draw your attention to the very last line – namely ‘Other bespoke sponsorship opportunities are available’ so, we’re more than happy to discuss further and are most interested in working with people/companies who share our common objective with this initiative,

Finally, individual tickets cost £100 if anyone is interested in supporting this in a personal capacity. I hope the attached and the link to the article will be helpful? As already mentioned, please direct anyone who wishes to discuss further to me at neil@lakeshadowmedia.com 


Thanks so much again, Barry. We’re really delighted you’re joining us and very grateful for the support.


Sponsorship detail:  https://acrobat.adobe.com/id/urn:aaid:sc:eu:e725888c-8f53-4d41-9618-c7315fc3a4fe 



We survived 2023!


Completed 4th carbon audit in March 2024 and cut 2023 emissions by 36%.  Still only 50% of 2019 base year but latest efforts are the most accurate data ever.


Albert has frozen its supplier list but still working with Creative Zero and Sustainable.film to help Albert to make better appraisals of companies who really are working hard to improve their CO2 footprint.


Solar panels reduced our net energy import by 33% over the last 12 months






We really do need to put together a list of approved suppliers for the website.  How/Who?


VMI changed a gas boiler last month and completely missed an opportunity to replace with a heat pump (for radiators and water).  Letting everyone else know, so that you don’t miss an opportunity to do this too!


Vehicles.  Bristol celebrates their 12 month anniversary of being diesel free this month and we are ordering 2 x Transit PHEV vans, as we felt that pure electric wasn’t yet practical for London.


Film London


Update Fuel Project – currently undertaking data analysis, report writing. Report should be out in early summer so potentially in time for the next meeting.


Green Kit Ltd May 2024  


Everyone at Green Kit has been divided into teams working on short, medium and long term initiatives in the following areas. 



We have retrofitted our diesel van with the help of a grant from TFL London so that it is now ULEZ compliant, 

We now have emission trackers in both our diesel vehicles x 2 and fuel consumption trackers in our EVs x 2 so that we can get granular data re. Fuel use and emissions for both vehicle types (these are via Webfleet who provide our fleet tracking systems) – they are fiddly to fit but should be useful when it comes to recording data automatically. 



We have just had an energy use audit from Brent/Camden looking at power efficiencies within the building. Our electricity is already 100% renewable ℅ Octopus but we have committed to a 10% power reduction over the next 12 months as part of a Brent/Camden climate initiative. 


We are looking at retractable plastic shutter door curtain for when the aircon/heating system in the warehouse is in use and the option of destratification fans, to drive the heat generated in the winter down from the roof area. Does anyone have any experience of these options?



We are looking to do a waste audit in June 1024 to kickstart an improvement in our recycling rates. One of the team has suggested we participate in Plastic Free July, to drive awareness internally about how much single use plastic we currently use for eg. on lunches. 

We also have a Bosaki compost bin that we got on promotion and the team are keen to see if we can compost our food waste! This won’t make a material difference since we don’t generate much, but we can probably produce enough for a small planter or two and the team are keen to get involved. 



We have entered into a formal arrangement with Canal and River Trust to sponsor a pond at Welsh Harp Reservoir. Teams from Green Kit visit regularly to clear brambles and prepare the area for wildlife friendly planting. The reservoir is an SSSI with a protected population of great crested grebes and a lot of other birdlife. This has been a great way to get the team practically involved with a local project. 



Repair, reuse

We have an increased focus on equipment refurbishment and repair and are looking to champion suppliers of equipment who share these values in an attempt to influence our supply chain – which is the hardest part of the net zero journey for us all. 


We had a very useful meeting recently with Nanlux who have a declared commitment to repair and retrofitting which is unusual in the sector. 


Wider Industry 

Sally recently attended the launch of the lighting technician apprenticeship scheme at Pinewood where Toby and others have been working with Skillset to build an industry wide qualification for trainee sparks and gaffers. We agreed that sustainable working practices needed to be prioritised in any training/mentoring of new industry joiners so that this is baked into our way of working. 


We continue to invest in battery technology and are trialling several larger battery/generators with our customers. We believe that this is the next step in greening the industry but batteries produced need to robust and reliable enough to serve our customers, which is why we make exacting demands of the technology available and continue to monitor new developments. 


S and O

Sam Evans – recently joined S+O.  


Leah Harkey, No Drama

Part of Step Up to Net Zero programme – upskilling program to help people with sustainability which is relevant to their organisation.


Recycling and Creative Zero prepared their 2022 carbon report and Leah is preparing their 2023 carbon report.  


Atomos, Teradek, Small HD and Black Magic all bring out new lines too quickly and don’t repair old products.  Lack of support and really wasteful.

Is anyone interested in questioning the manufacturers and lobbying them to become more sustainable?


Barry suggested to speak to all manufacturers at IBC.  We should all do so.


A letter from all of us and bringing to them in person.


“Manufactured Obsolescence” 



Blog on the sustainability site.


ULEZ van and minibus scrappage scheme http: tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/ultra-low-emission-zone/scrappage-scheme



Procurement Survey

A procurement survey plan for the next meeting – share questions, trees and ask questions about warranty period, repairs etc.


Creative Zero

Wants to invite broadcasters to visit us on a future meeting and spread awareness about us.


Laurence of Creative Zero has a specific target of 2035 to net zero as a consequence of flights not being effectively net zero by 2030.