Rechargeable AA Batts

VMI avoided disposing of 1,500 AA batts in 2020 by switching to rechargeable AA batteries and they have been reliable.

We all know that disposable batteries are extremely harmful for our environment and for a long time, we have been keen to eradicate them from VMI but did not have sufficient confidence in rechargables to be able to commit.

We felt compelled to continue using alkaline batteries simply to give us confidence that batteries would always be fully charged when we supplied radio mics and lockit boxes, however better rechargeable AA batteries and specifically, better chargers have now made this transition possible.

In testing our new multi-way bench chargers, I charged some of my privately owned AA rechargeables that I continue to use for powering bicycle lights and some of these actually failed the performance test (capacity was not strong enough to pass muster) , which really engenders confidence in the fully charged status.

VMI now supplies a 4 x 2000mAH rechargeable AA battery kit as a more sustainable alternative to using disposable AA batteries and will charge a one-off ‘environmental charge’ of £3, irrespective of the duration of hire. Clients are welcome to use their own batteries and we won’t make any charge at all.


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