Stop Stocking Poly Board

We all know that Polyboards are horribly unsustainable. They can\’t be recycled, are painted on one side and their size makes them difficult to dispose of too, though of course we all have clients who love them and insist upon using them.  

ProAV to help with discounted offers. Contact Rob, ProAV:

The new 4\’x4\’ and 8\’x8\’ Lastolite Rapid reflectors can be supplied with a variety of covers including black, white, silver and diffusion, which do the job of a 4×4 and 8×8 poly and nets kits. They easily assemble in 60 seconds, can be reused over and over and even fit into a car. Try that with an 8×8 poly!.

Stockists of 4×4 and 8×8 lastolite Rapid: CVP


Jessica Lolliot of Promotion hire has found another solution which also looks really good.

“We have tested the Chimera Frames with textiles and will be moving forward with these to replace polyboards. Whilst I’m sure it will have some of the same issues as the skylite system, it has the bonus of the material going over the frame, so there is no gap and no silver frame in sight.

 We already have some in stock, out on a long term, and the next ones will be coming in 3 weeks, we’ve gone for the 4×4 size and the 3.5×6 size – once they’re all in stock and spec’d out I can share photos and any more info anyone would like.”

Rob at ProAV is across this as well: