The seventh meeting was held on Wednesday 5 July 2023

The seventh meeting was held on Wednesday 5 July 2023.

Apologies received from James Jones, 

Introduction to the new website. 

Environmental Commitment required for Group

Discussion about what we want people to commit to?

Sally thinks that we need to accept that this is a journey NOT a destination.  Want to be as inclusive as possible.  Share the quick wins.

Ella from Climate Essentials added: Some can be a commitment to avoid jargon busting.  Some helpful resources has some resources which can be helpful.

Please leave notes here about what you think we want people to agree to.  Barry

VMI Jun 23

Solar for London extended to 40KW, which along with 15KW of solar for Bristol, meant that May for the first time made VMI a net electric exporter, taking into account own use and EV charging.

This was expensive £43K + £8K + £12K + £12K = £75K but I estimate that this has a payback of about 2 years, so well worth doing.


Also, found a new supplier for recycled, fully recyclable stickers for cables

T: 0800 781 2481


  • Free UK tracked delivery on all orders
  • No minimum order value
  • Free artwork check & proofing on all orders
  • Free design service
  • Express 3 day delivery available for £40
  • Free 6 day delivery as standard

VMI has offset its 2022 emissions to be Albert-Approved Carbon Neutral now.

Suspended Ceiling Insulation – Firezero Insulated Pads

Like many companies, we have a suspended ceiling in our London warehouse with a server room which has the air conditioning working 24-hours per day every day. With just a suspended ceiling, we wanted to find a way of adding additional insulation to our ceiling without it being a fire hazzard, such as using polystyrene.

We tried Firezero 600×600 panels

These worked a treat and over a 24-hour period, the temperature had a measurable reduction in variability, as you can see from the charts and the standard deviation measure.

This ought to mean lower electric costs going forward.

Greenkit Rental June 2023

Lighting – The IBC show in Amsterdam revealed an ever increasing array of new LED options. We are particularly excited to trial the pipelight which is an inflatable, waterproof bicolour soft light made in Germany. Really impressed with the sustainability credentials of Kelvin a series of LED fresnels designed and built in Norway. It’s great to see these lights made in Europe which promise powerful low energy alternatives with a lower transport footprint, and offer the potential for us and our customers to reduce scope 4 emissions. 

Batteries our 10k batteries are proving very popular and we are finalising details for the trial of a 80kw trailer mounted battery which we will be showcasing to our customers and colleagues later in the autumn. We’ll be putting its through its paces to find out exactly how it can be used on set to provide on location power without generating the emissions of a traditional diesel genny. 

People – Pat meets weekly with members of the BSC sustainability committee. He and the other members are looking forward to the Production Guild sustainability event at Leavesden tomorrow – October 12th. He’s also been gathering ideas from other lighting rental companies about good practice and finding out what sustainability measures have worked for them and what their particular challenges are. 

Green Kit Inhouse – We’ve started a conservation partnership with Welsh Harp Reservoir just up the road from the offices. This reservoir is a site of special scientific interest because of its population of Great Crested Grebes and this protected status is under threat because of pollution and lack of resources.  And a couple of weekends ago we had our first team-building conservation in action event clearing a small pond of overgrown vegetation and weeds so that the native plants, frogs, newts and dragonflies could return to the water providing food for the birds that visit Welsh Harp. It was hard work but great fun, and we rewarded ourselves with a slap up curry afterwards! Thoroughly recommend this as a way of engaging staff in a company sustainability journey. 

Greenkit and Climate Essentials – we’ve now completed our data collection for 2022, but the new building means starting again for 2023 as we try and identify which areas we can improve as we continue to monitor our impact across the business.  


Kristine – HVO has been going for 1.5 years and is doing really well.

Supplying less polyboards and educating clients to try other options.