The fourth meeting was held on Thursday 18 August 2022

The fourth meeting was held on Thursday 18 August 2022 and the recording is available here:

VMI Update November 22


We installed 20KW of solar PV for our London and Bristol buildings in 2022 as an experiment.

For one building with 10KW solar PV installed:

At 19p/unit, the annual saving is estimated to be  £1,810, which is a 6-year payback. 

However, at 65p/unit (new green tariff from 2023), the annual saving is now estimated to be £6,192, which is a 2-year payback.  We are looking to increase solar PV provision massively in 2023 as a result. Our contractor is 


After widespread experimentation with different materials, VMI finally took delivery of its first bags made entirely of potato starch which break down in a regular consumer compost bin within 3-months.

VMI will use these to seal filters and some other items to minimise its environmental impact.


We travelled to visit the IBC TV convention in Amsterdam for the first time, with Eurostar in 2022.

It was great, except for the rail strike, which means that we flew out and trained back.  Eurostar doesn’t take any longer than by plane and avoids the horrendous airport passport queues, post-COVID.

Warehouse Insulation Project

I saw Ecotherm insulated panels lining a studio recently and thought that these would be a great solution for us.  Probably 100mm panels would be suitable:

I am having these costed by Pegasus, our contractor. 

Another supplier contacted is 

First EVs delivered

First EVs are delivered and our power usage for London actually went up in spite of Solar PV provision, as staff with EVs charge their vehicles at work.

Planning for 3rd Carbon Audit

VMI is planning to complete its 3rd annual carbon audit in January and February 2022 and aim to have this independently audited and pay to offset all 2022 emissions.

Completed solar installations on both London and Bristol buildings (21KW) and saved an estimated 6T of CO2 in July and have already noticed a 60% cut in electric in Bristol but their EVs haven’t yet arrived.

However, in London and in spite of the great weather and long days, our electric usage has increased owing to 4 x EVs and as yet NONE of our van EVs have arrived (VW cancelled all orders after a year-long delay!  For reference, I have been waiting for my own personal EV to be delivered after waiting 1.5 years since April 2021 and ETA is October).

Conclusion is that EVs will distort the electric usage (obviously), though this will greatly offset the diEsel usage.  Michael White drives in every day from Peterboro’ (this greatly impacts our scope 3 emissions) and he was able to lease an EV using the Octopus ‘Electric dreams’ facility which we set up, so he was able to switch from a thirsty diesel car driving 1000 miles per week to an EV and cut his carbon usage and save money really easily..

Andrew Bartlett, Enlightened Lighting

(Andrew sent his apologies and these brief notes as to their sustainability news)

We have been successful in applying for a £15k “Green Business Grant” from West Of England Combined Authority.  Now waiting to try and get a company to install a 50KW solar system on our warehouse roof.

We successfully trailed an electric van courtesy of Bristol Council for a month.  Worked well, drivers like it etc.  Downfall for us was the technicality of the trial meant we could only have 5 drivers so it did not get driven as much as we would have liked.  As a medium size van it was great.

We are still using paper tape on many cables internally. Heavy mains are still wrapped with PVC.

123 Lighting Rental-Martin

Implemented rechargeable batteries.  Rechargeable battery cases are breaking.  A good supplier has been found for storing them.

Martin to share the source of these.

Reduced plastic waste.

Moving to LED lights.

Greenkit Rental

  • Polyboards – running down stocks and providing incentives for clients to switch to Lastolite Skylight Rapids. Sell the benefits – size, ease of use, reusable, and transport costs. Painting the aluminium frames black as we have had feedback from clients that the shiny frames reflect in stock. 
  • Repair of textiles – inhouse repair of damaged textiles to create smaller eg. 8×8 resewn into 6×6 and use the offcuts as warehouse cleaning rags
  • Vitality Health Insurance – ths provider offers incentives to employees re. Keeping active therefore encouraging cycle to work… 

November 2022 

Sustainable Office Fitout

Sourced second hand furniture for office refit from the following sites.This included storage cupboards, stools, boardroom table etc.



Recycled Business Furniture

End of line/recycled flooring 

Hand Dryers – smart technology, adjusts to ambient temperature

Installing A+ rated cooling/heating system for warehouse

News and Training

Awarded energy audit by Brent Council/Groundworks to support investment in solar panels (2023) and UV filtering window film to reduce need for cooling

Shortlisted for Brent Council Most Green Small Business Award – we are current winner from 2021!

2 staff members to Sustainability Masterclass Online with AimHigh Training – affordable, fact based, general knowledge in bite sized (1.5 hour sessions)


Continuing to research battery and other energy generation options for use on set

Jess, Manchester Promotion


Eco search system hotel search for green hotel stays.

No lens bags/filter bags.

Nearly ready with solar installation.

James, No Drama

  • Working with Roxy @ Creative Zero on our first Carbon audit for the year 21/22
  • 2 EVs now in the fleet, 3rd to follow in Jan 2024
  • Glasgow & Manchester warehouse insulation installed & heating/cooling systems upgraded 2022

Laurence/Film London/Creative Zero

Support for transition for rental companies discussed.

A new guide is to be released giving guidance about vehicles and generator use and also challenges/concerns.  Trying to address new tech including range of batteries/loads etc in order to better inform users looking to switch.

Working with lots of organisations to share the best knowledge.

Report due out in a few weeks.

David Hardy, Canada Sunbelt Rental

Lots of sustainability progress.Massive 500KW of solar planned to a large studio complex.

Hoping to give up diesel generators.  Hoping to generate a design to replace diesel generators with zero emission systems.  

Hi everyone, lovely to meet you… As David said, I’m Social Impact Director at Sunbelt UK and am thrilled to work with Andy and David to share with you some of our cleaner energy innovations from the construction/infrastructure and events world. Some info on our greener equipment portfolio here: Our piece de la resistance is energy saving for temporary hubs, utilising hybrid stage v generators, alongside Battery Storage Units and solar, with energy management systems  – this can save c80% carbon emissions on site today, and if used with HVO fuel can reduce to net 90%…

We also supply HVO with full ISCC – we are really happy to collaborate on any strategic trials on electric kit/HVO etc if anyone would like! – just give me a shout to chat –